Wood Log Decor Range
Our variety of natural tree slices and wooden décor can be utilized in so many ways.

Add a grouping of jam jars, bottles, vases and candle holders on top of wooden tree slices for a natural centrepiece for your table. Showcase cakes and other desserts on our thick wooden slabs or on our 2 - 5 tiered cake stands. Set a stylish earthy table with wooden slice underplates, napkin rings, name card holders etc.

For an outdoor ceremony, position our larger tree stumps down either side of the aisle and place jam jars with flowers and candles on top, we also have tree stump seating options.

See all our other wonderful and unique wooden accessories available such as engraved table numbers, flower log holders, wooden table runners, personalised ring bearer slices, dinner or tea light candle holders, chalkboard and glitter rings, ceremony backdrops and many more that will accentuate rustic décor and bring the essence of nature into your celebration.

About our wooden tree slices:
  • We have plenty to choose from, we stock slices in any size up to 45 cm diameter and any thickness from 2cm up to 30 cm.
  • Our tree slices are sourced from South Africa from a variety of mixed wood.
  • Wood slices are a natural item and might start cracking after time due to differential shrinkage - this is the natural process of wood drying out, thus cracks or even loose bark may occur.
  • Each round is unique and may vary in size, thus estimated dimensions are given.
  • Our slices are all smoothed and sanded off and also treated for insects.

Wood Place Card Ring with incision

Wood Ring Coaster, engraved, carved or wood stick Table Numbers

Wooden letters carved "MR & MRS" & Wood Log Rings Napkin Rings

Small Bird Cage Candle holder on wooden coaster & Wood Ring Chalkboard small, Medium & Large

Wood Rings- Ring Bearer Options

Wood Log Tea Light & Dinner Candle Holders

Glitter Wooden Slices

Wood Log Flower holders - Horizontal & Vertical

Wood Log Rings Medium - Underplates

Plain Tree Stumps - Medium or Low for Isle flower stand

Large Tree Stump for seating with variety of burlap cushions

Wood Rings- Table décor / centrepiece Variety

Wood Ring Cake Pop Stands - Variety

1 Tier Wood Ring cake stand

1 Tier Wood Ring cake stand with base & Heart carved Tree Stump Cake Stand

2, 3, 4 & 5 Tier Wood Ring cake stands

Black Wood - Table Runner / Underplate

Wooden Stumps with Pallet Planks for ceremony seating or scattered guest seating

Wood Log Slices Variety- Décor / Centrepieces

Happy Tree Décor Display

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