Hanging Tree
Suspended centerpieces, hanging backdrops, drooping floral chandeliers and garlands are only a few of the trending hanging effects we offer to ensure your wedding reception has that wow factor!

Quite different to the usual table arrangement or centrepiece ideas, these decorations can add light or simply be that perfect addition to create the ambiance you are hoping for.

Products include suspended mason jars, vintage bottles, tins, hanging flower bulbs, vintage tea cups, tree branches for greenery, paper lanterns, suspended pallet planks for floral arrangements, rustic ladders, old window frames, suspended lace umbrellas, lace embroidery hoops, hanging signs, antique birdcages, old lampshades, mason jar plank chandeliers, various string lights etc.

Thinking about making a statement from floor to ceiling... this range is an absolute must!

Hanging Jars variety

Hanging Mason Jars

Hanging Flower Glass Bulbs

Hanging Vintage Tea Cups

Pallet Backboard with hooks for hanging flower jars

Hanging Tree Branch for decor

Hanging Tree Slice Backdrop

Chinese/Paper Lanterns ; Tissue Paper Flower Pom-Poms

Accordion Lanterns ; Bamboo Lantern ; Eyelet Lantern ; Honeycomb Balls

Burlap, Lace & Material Garland Backdrop Long

Burlap, Lace & Material Garland Backdrop Short

Hanging vintage embroidery hoops with different material

Vintage Lampshades

Hanging Bird Cages

Hanging upside down Umbrella / Parasol

LED light Lace Covered Chandelier

Ping Pong LED Light Strings

LED Mason Jar Tea Light Chandeliers

Hanging Mason Jar Candle Chandeliers

Hanging Windows for flowers/lighting

Hanging Ladder for flowers/lighting

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